Sunday, February 16, 2020

Fashion's Warm and Fuzzy Trend and the Life and Misadventures of Simcha

For whatever reason you can draw your own conclusions clothing trends have sharply veered toward the soft and fuzzy. It's as if collectively we need to cocoon ourselves and be comforted as we traverse the landscape of our daily lives.  At least that's how it seems here in Southern California where you can't walk into any clothing store without noticing all the plush and fuzzy jackets and hoodies this winter.  And it must be the same everywhere because Knitwear designers have taken note of the trend and have embraced the very warm and fuzzy "kid mohair/silk" with cultist devotion.  Never have I seen so many new designs for sweaters, hats and shawls incorporating kid mohair/silk.  But to truly get that "on trend" fuzzy fabric you can't just "incorporate" kid mohair/silk.  You have to go all in.  Go big or go home.  Double down.  And that's exactly what this shawl does.  It doubles down and is knit with kid mohair/silk held doubled yes doubled throughout and wow what a super trendy and super fuzzy shawl it is.  Trust me wearing this you will be the object of envy of anyone close enough to pet you.  You better hope no creepy entitled politicians are lurking nearby.

The pattern itself is brilliant in it's simplicity.  While there is a lace design that gives it an ephemeral quality there are panels of garter stitch that give it needed density and structure.  There's 150g of kid mohair/silk used in the design.  That's 1,475 yards and that's a whole lotta kid mohair/silk.  The reason that the shawl is not overwhelmingly large is, as I mentioned above, that you hold the yarn doubled throughout. The finished size is just perfect to wear over a sweater for an evening out or on a cold day.  And leave the jacket at home cuz you won't be needing it.  

Over the years I've knit a lot of fingering weight shawls.  But I have to confess that knitting shawls with fingering weight yarn just isn't doing it for me any more.  I still knit a lot of socks and sweaters with sock yarn but not shawls.  I've also discovered that while they look pretty I don't really enjoy wearing sock weight shawls.  They aren't really that warm and some part of my anatomy is usually exposed.  But large shawls that are warm, soft and fuzzy are calling to me.  And this one is perfection.

PARTICULARS: Sinja designed by Katrin Schubert (German knitwear designer); US 6 needles; 3 skeins (150g) A Homespun House, Kid Mohair/Silk, colorway Velvet, (50g / 492 yrds per skein).  No modifications whatsoever.  I had 9g left over.  

N.B. I can't even pretend with a straight face that this is my first foray with kid mohair/silk.  Way back in 2007 I posted my beautiful lacy Dove shawl.  But this is the first time that I've used it held doubled throughout.  While my Texture Time shawl knit designed by Stephen West incorporates melted baby suri (which is similar to holding kid mohair/silk doubled) it is used as an accent and not the main yarn.  But I do love it and am tempting to knit more of his designs that incorporate melted baby suri including his Wonky Starfish shawl, Suriously Holey Shawl, Flying Foxtail Shawl, and Hiberknitting Cowl

To see other projects that either use or incorporate kid mohair/silk see Birch Shawl, Silver Birch Hat, Kobuk Hat, Calm Sweater, Willow Wrap, Anisette Stole, Trieste Shawl, Personal PatternBella Mittens and a personal favorite The Fleur Wrap.   

The  Life and Misadventures of Simcha ~

I haven't shared much about Simcha the last few years.  Yes he's mellowed with time but rest assured he still oozes personality, intensity, and gamesmanship.   Including his intimidating deadeye stare that I managed to capture above.  If he had lived in days of the Old West he would have been a gunslinger.  On the right side of the law, of course.  More of a Sheriff.  "The sheriff" is actually one of his nicknames because he likes everyone to get along and behave - including Steve and myself!  And let me assure you that Steve is a big misbehavior. Snicker.  While some might find his deadeye stare intimidating that's only because they don't know that he has a heart of gold.

Until next time be well, love well and before winter slips away try adding some warmth and fuzziness into your life!  If you are looking for an instant fix of fuzz here's my totally unsolicited and unpaid plug for a product that Steve and I love (I should clarify that for any product mentioned on the blog it is always unpaid and unsolicited unless stated otherwise).  In any event the product is ~ ta dah ~ Malden Mills Polar Fleece sheets.  Starting last year Steve refused to switch back to regular sheets in the summer so we now use them year round.  Nuff said.  A ton of retail stores carry them but I buy them on QVC.


Bridget said...

What a stunning shawl! It looks like a big cozy hug.

Simcha seems like quite a character. If he doesn't mind, please give him a kiss from me.

Anonymous said...

That is just gorgeous! I wish I could do mohair, but something about it bothers my skin. I go with alpaca to get a similar effect but it can’t match mohair for fuzzy deliciousness.

Claudia Bugh said...

Haha Bridge he wouldn't have wanted a kiss a few years ago but now he's happy to receive kisses! Thanks for visiting.

Claudia Bugh said...

Chloe I am blessed to have a skin like a rhinoceros and can wear any wool or fiber! Um alpaca. I've not knit with that in a long time but you are right it's wonderfully soft. Enjoy your Spring and thank you for your comment.

betty said...

I'm glad to hear that you are still knitting lovely shawls and that Simcha is doing well - I love his majestic look in the photo. I went to Stitches West in Feb. and bought some sort of alpaca/linen yarn from Norway that has a really good fuzziness. I don't normally do fuzzy, but maybe I'm now also into warm and fuzzy trend.

I don't know what your situation is down in SoCal, but we in the bay area are in the shelter-in-place-mode, so everyone is going slightly crazy. It's a good time for knitting though.

Let's hope we all make it through 2020 alive and well!

Claudia Bugh said...

Hi Betty it's nice to hear from you. We are also under a shelter-in-place order here in Los Angeles. These are very scary times and bless you for your wishes for a world safe and healthy. Thinking of others and coming together despite differences might be the one good things to come from this as we are in this together. Be well Betty ((hugs))