Monday, August 12, 2013

Kit Carson Shawl and The Outlaw

I have an infatuation with all things western so it's only natural that this shawl named for the American frontiersman and Indian fighter Christopher Houston "Kit" Carson would appeal to me.  Simcha and I spend so much time alone hiking in the mountains of Topanga it provides me with plenty of time for daydreaming and my thoughts often turn to the era when wagons rolled through these hills and cowboys rode herd and all the land was open.  For that reason I'm calling this my wild wild west shawl and chose rustic colors well suited to the rugged terrain where it will be worn.  In reality I'm sure it's just as well that I didn't live during that time as I'm not someone who appreciates rustic living enough to forego indoor plumbing.

Sometimes I take it for granted that everyone grew up with old american western movies and books and naturally understand its appeal.  But in case you aren't familiar with the genre you might try reading a story set in the american west such as  Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry (which is a classic) or for something lighter perhaps try a fun western romance romp such as the Wife Lottery Series by Jodi Thomas or Texas Trilogy by Lorraine Heath.

Now Fall might not start officially until September 22nd but for me mid-August is when I start to notice subtle changes in the landscape and begin to anticipate the season and its cooler temperatures, beautiful foliage, spooky Halloween decorations and the excitement of a new unblemished college football season (I'll be rooting for my alma mater the University of Notre Dame Here Come the Irish of Notre Dame!).  It's also a great time to add a few knit pieces to your wardrobe that can carry you into the Winter and so if you haven't got anything on the needles for Fall it's time to get busy.

Particulars:  Carson designed by Rosemary {Romi}Hill (this shawl is part of a collection celebrating Romi's home in beautiful Nevada and includes a free modified three color version of the shawl on Ravelry); 2 skeins Hedgehog Fibers Sock yarn (both are sock club colorways); US 5 circular needles; I opted to eliminate the suggested rows (i.e. rows 167-170) and worked the shorter chart A border; no modifications.  This is lovely shawl with a wonderful drape as a result of the soft sock yarn I used.  I find that Hedgehog Fiber's sock yarn is a not highly twisted and as a result I'm not sure how well it wears for socks but it's soft and perfect for projects requiring drape and I'm always happy with projects that I've made using it.  Other projects I've knit in Hedgehog Fiber yarns are Asking for Roses Shawl and Mystery Socks.

PS the jeans I'm wearing in this post are Paige Denim made in America and carried by Nordstroms and I love them!

Simcha The Outlaw

Simcha is also a fan of the american west and here he is doing his famous outlaw pose.  Be warned he's got a quick draw and is a bit of a card shark so know that before you sit down to play with him!

Until next time be well and love well and have fun getting ready for Fall and if you don't have a college football team to root for, then by all means adopt The University of Notre Dame!