Saturday, July 28, 2007

Falling into Knitting

Well, I am taken aback! *Blush* Blush* That Mr. Puffy - he's such a spoiler! Really, he has quite outdone himself with his generosity. While I really don't need any more yarn, he insisted upon treating me to some fabulous kits for my Fall/Winter knitting. What I could say, but THANK YOU. Without further ado, here's the goodies:

Kit #1: Queen Anne's Lace Tunic Yarn: Tilli Tomas

Kit #2 Gaucho Vest Yarn: La Lana Wools

Kit #3 Phildar Bolero Yarn: Phildar Horizons

Oh, how I love receiving parcels in the mail. Next week should be a fun one!!! I wish I could show you pictures of the Reading in Bed Shrug I just finished, but I can't because I forgot the camara in San Clemente. Rats. Double rats. Pics next weekend instead :) I leave you rather with pictues of the man of the hour, Mr. Puffy. Take a bow, Puff.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Will She or Won't She???

I have been a bit of a sockamaniac for a while, but have only recently joined Sockamania a fun Knitalong ("KAL") hosted by Anni. Each month Anni provides, gratis, an original sock pattern and those who finish by the end of the month are entered into a drawing for sock yarn. How cool is that? It will be close but, I'm afraid, I probably..... won't be finished by the end of the month. Here's where I'm at:

This is a really great cable pattern and while I'll (probably) be a late finisher, my real goal with this KAL is to use some of my accumulated sock yarn stash (so I can buy more - yeah!). I'm using Sundara's sock yarn (petal's collection) and US 2 Needles. This sock is an absolutely perfect fit for Steve and he's very pleased that this pair will be his (slight jealousy issues with Mr. Puffy).

Why do I knit socks, you wonder? Only someone who hasn't worn a pair of handknit socks could possibly wonder that! I consider handknit socks one of "life's small pleasures" in the same category as a good cup of tea and a box of chocolates. And, while I haven't exactly been a prolific sock knitter, I have knit a dozen or so pairs and here is one of my favorites:

Yarn: Lornas Laces - US 1 Needles

Free Pattern: Dublin Bay Socks ~Compliments of Mossy Cottage ~

Monday, July 16, 2007

I LOVE Living in Topanga

There is nothing extraordinary about this picture, except for the following: 1. We live in Los Angeles County; 2. This picture is taken from our bedroom window; and 3. There is a Blue Jay sitting on the deer - happily finding things to munch on!

Actually this deer is no stranger to our property. Last year we were gone so much, I'm pretty sure he thinks he has gained squatter's rights. Quite often we will glance outside and see him wandering around, or lying down next to a rock, or even gazing back into the house at us! You might be asking yourself, what is Mr. Puffy doing while all this is going on. I'll tell you - he's enjoying the view. Because the walls in our house are all glass - he has a marvelous view of all the little (and large) animals that live in Topanga and quietly enjoys observing them.

Note to self: Must have windows cleaned!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Scarf by Any Other Name

If you have ever been tempted to try La Lana Wools plant dyed yarns I highly recommend this kit. It has the hum drum name "A Very Nice Scarf" which does not do credit to the elegant and sophisticated cable design combined with their stunning Phat Silk Fines (50%silk/50% wool). It has that quality that compels complete strangers to comment on how beautiful it is. While I'm not really big on wearing summer scarfs, this is a nice weight (US 5 needles), has great drape, and gives a fun pop of color to a summer outfit. I do love La Lana Wools ~ I have also knit their Sea Foam Lace Shawl ~ and I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Puffy is going to *surprise* me with their gaucho vest kit for my Fall knitting.

N.B.  I love this scarf so much I knit it again in the same yarn but a different color ~ blogged as Knitting Memories.

Is it time for tea? This week my good friend Jane came for a visit (usually our friends want to visit it us at the beach, but as Jane is our neighbor at the beach, she wanted to come to the mountains for a change). In honor of her visit I baked a traditional Victoria Sponge Cake for our tea. The recipe is from Saveur (my favorite cooking magazine) and I used my favorite filling of strawberry jam and double devon cream. We hope Jane will someday be our neighbor here in Topanga as well!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Where Do You Draw The Line?

Fifi is done and FIFI elle c'est magnifique! I loved knitting this top. The yarn is Rowan Calmer (almost 4 skeins) and the pattern was interesting and fun to knit. I had only one issue with the design. Where to draw the line? The pattern was designed with the line demarcating the separation of the top cables and the body ribbing hitting just above the breast. However, upon reflection, I wasn't sure that I was entirely comfortable with that look (if you know what I mean). I therefore put the question to clever DB (aka: Steve) and design savvy Mr. Puffy (who is always dressed appropriately). After much conferring and whispering between these two they pronounced that the line should, yes it really should, go just below the breast! And so that is what I did. Love, love, love this top!

P.S. I also added significant side shaping. I took it down 20 stitches and back up 16 stitches to achieve a fitted top without relying on the cables and ribbing for fit. I also lengthened the top to 12.5 inches below the arms as I prefer my tops a little longer than what the pattern called for.