Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Little Chickadee Cowl

I really love the big cozy oversized cowls so popular this winter. And I was all set to make myself one....until this winter turned into the "winter that wasn't." A big nonevent. No rain, no damp cold, no clouds and nothing drizzly or gloomy on the horizon. How disappointing.

It's one of those warm winters that Southern California is well known for.  Since I couldn't see myself wearing a big bulky cowl anytime soon I chose to knit a soft drapy cowl instead.  But then I'm not a "process" knitter so it's all about the bottom line for me - will I wear it?

And this is a cowl that I'll wear.  It's simple but has flash and for indoor events is a great alternative to a scarf or cardigan.    Not that I'm going much of anywhere these days as work is very busy.  But, it's nice to know I'll have something to wear if I need something!  And besides it looks nice just hanging about the house.

Particulars: Chickadee Cowl (free pattern) by Kirsten Kapur (Through the Loops); 1 skein Lornas Laces Pearl (51% silk / 49% bamboo); US 10 circular needles.  This is a simple design using the linen stitch and I think it is most effective using hand painted and/or handspun yarns.  My only modification was to to CO 149 stitches and use a larger needle size.  I used almost the whole skein before I decided it was wide enough which is purely a personal choice.  For a traditional scarf using the linen stitch I love the Cerus Scarf (free pattern) by The Yarniad or her newest free pattern, the Peppermint Candy Cowl. Another example of a scarf using the linen stitch is my Heavenly Handspun Scarf.   And for those interested in knitting one of the big fabulous cowls then you should check out the very popular Honey Cowl (free pattern by Madelinetosh).

Sunsets and Shameless Self Promotion

The above picture is of the sunset along the coastline of San Clemente, California and I was going to write something deep and profound about how I felt as I stood barefoot at the water's edge watching the sun set with the tide pulling at me as the last of the sun's warm glow faded from me.  But then something more important came up.  I have been interviewed.  In my capacity as a knitting blogger.  Never mind that it's on a website you have never heard of.  That's a minor point, and such a buzz kill.  Besides, they may be famous someday!!!  The interview is entitled Caught Between the Warp and the Woof - an Interview with Knitting Blogger Claudia Bugh.    Kidding aside, this website has great articles, interesting interviews, fun KALs, and is a wonderful addition to the online knitting community and a resource you should know about.  So go send KnittingYarn some internet love KK.

Until next time, be well and love well and pay attention to both the sun rises and sun sets and appreciate the gift that they are.