Monday, May 30, 2011

A Great Day ~ in San Clemente

It's hard not to have a great day when wearing hand knit socks that give your feet unparalleled warmth, comfort and pizazz!  But it never hurts to be told to have a great day either.

San Clemente is a sleepy little surf town just North of San Diego and is our home away from home.  One thing I love about being in San Clemente is that everywhere you go they tell you "have a great day."  From the grocery store clerk to the T-shirt shop you hear this familiar refrain.  It makes me smile and sums up the San Clemente experience in four little words.

It's awfully hard to model socks so just pretend I'm smiling in this photo.  I really am having a great day in San Clemente.

Particulars:  Orzival Socks by Stefanina March (who blogs as Stephanie's Dream); 1 skein Pigeon Roof Studios fingering yarn, spring green colorway, US 1 needles.  This is a great pattern and I really enjoying knitting these socks.  After the last pattern repeat I only knit 4 rounds of plain stockinette stitch (rather than the recommended 6 rounds) as I have small feet (size 7 US).  Raveled here.

These last pictures are taken at the San Clemente Farmer's Market which is held every Sunday morning on Avenida Del Mar.  The city is know for its Spanish architecture and, of course, the great surfing. Steve and I are both wearing hoodies that are sold all over town.  They are incredibly comfortable and I don't know why we don't wear them in Topanga. You don't often see Steve on the blog, and you only see his profile here, but he's about to have a post as I'm finishing up something for him.  Just so you know, I did not rob the cradle so any comments of that sort will not be appreciated.

The MisAdventures of Simcha

We are still taking separate vacations.  But should my feelings be hurt?  After returning from his stay at the Topanga Pet Resort, I get the strong impression that Simcha would rather still be playing with his friends.  I do my best to keep him entertained at home including daily long walks, tossing the ball, training sessions, keeping him supplied with Bully sticks to chew on, an afternoon tea break (that I know he enjoys) and personal grooming.  But there are a lot of hours in the day.  I'm thinking it's time he got a job. 

Until next time, be well and love well and think about what is it that you love about your community and, wherever you are, have a great day!  Signing off from San Clemente. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Felt Bunny

This little bunny is made with my own handmade felt.  I made it without any knitting and virtually no sewing!  To make felt you simply lay out an interlocking pattern of merino wool and agitate the fibers using your hands with soap and water and - hocus pocus - you have felt!  It's very magical and I've taken to felting like a duck to water.

I made this bunny using a "resist" which allows you to create a 3D piece of felt which is later cut open and, in this case, stuffed.  When he was all dry and stuffed I needled felted on his facial features and added a red glitzy heart that sparkles.  There is no way this bunny can hide his big heart.

I'm keeping this fellow for myself because he reminds me of something similar we saw in a bed and breakfast where we stayed in New Zealand.  I definitely try to make things that remind me of places that I've been and enjoyed.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm trying to hold on to memories and need an anchor or they will simply drift away. 

Particulars:  Felt Bunny made by following the free felt tutorial by Inger who writes the blog Daily Felt;  Finished Dimensions 13" x  9" (after felting).   I cut open the bottom of his feet and used a knitting needle to push the filler inside (100% polyester) and sewed him closed with matching embroidery floss.  I used merino top that I purchased from Inger's etsy shop.  I also made him the green scarf he's wearing in the middle picture, which is wet felted.  If this project seems a bit too advanced you might consider using traditional knit felt and sewing a toy together with a contrasting blanket stitch similar to Kristin Nicholas' Fat Cat or use commercially made wool felt.

Toast and Honey

Work has been a slog lately, but one must still find time to eat.  These are my own baked loafs using the Tartine Bread cookbook.  How I love this bread.  Let me count the ways.....

Toasted and slathered with butter and honey and my morning cup of Joe.  Truly an inspired combination.  If you don't have the time or inclination to bake your own bread, an English Muffin will do in a pinch.

Until next time, be well and love well and remember that simple pleasures add immeasurably to quality of life.