Sunday, April 12, 2015

Knitting Socks and Simcha's Corner

Here be dragon socks.  Fun and fanciful my Smaug socks are named for the mythical dragon Smaug of Hobbit fame. I was somewhat amused to learn that the phrase "here be dragons" actually was historically used to designate dangerous or unexplored territories on maps in imitation of the medieval practice of drawing dragons and sea serpents and other mythological in uncharted areas. But not to worry, unlike unexplored territories these socks do come with charts.  For those who seek peril these are the prefect accessory for the adventuresome sock knitter.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone knits socks as much as I do.  But I'm reminded occasionally because I'll have a reader ask me what pattern I recommend for a first time sock knitter.  And since this pattern is not a good choice for a new sock knitter I am going to share with you a couple of sock patterns that I do recommend for someone interested in knitting socks for the first time.  The first pattern is from the imitable and prolific knitter Yarn Harlot who has a free pattern she describes as "shockingly simple" called Step-By-Step Cheat Sheet for Socks.  And, for comparison, Susan B. Anderson has a free sock pattern which basically is the same but that I find aesthetically more pleasing.

My other suggestion is that you choose a yarn in a light color which will make it easier for you to see the stitches on small needles.  I would also suggest choosing a yarn that is hand dyed and/or variegated as you want the yarn to do the work of making the socks fun and appealing as you won't be adding a fancy design. Simply using a solid color yarn will result in rather boring socks. Not that there's anything wrong with a solid colored sock.  I'm not saying that in the least considering I've just knit a pair.

And lastly I'll conclude with some of my favorite dragon books (all links are to Amazon):

The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey
Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison
The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

These all make great summer reading if you haven't experienced the magic before.  Or if you have.... experience it all over again!

Particulars:  Smaug Socks by Clair Ellen (a Hungarian designer known as Wimpwoman on Ravelry) 1 skein Luxury Sock by Pigeonroof Studio (colorway Tansy); US 1 DPNs.   Very well written and fun pattern to knit.  I was just teasing when I suggested peril above.  I made no modifications whatsoever.  As a word of caution I love the yarn that I used for these socks, but this yarn is probably not the best choice for someone making socks that will receive high wear as it's a soft yarn with low twist.  These will only receive slight wear probably around the house.

Simcha's Corner

I love this picture of Simcha because it reminds me of the one thing I know we did right with him and that is socialize him well with other dogs.  I'm a firm believer that good friends make life much more enjoyable.  For everyone, even dogs.  

Until next time be well, love well, and be adventuresome this summer for who knows what magic is waiting just around the corner ~