Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Saw It and Knew I Had to Have One

When I saw the movie Rob Roy I knew I had to have one and I'm not talking about a man wearing a kilt. I'm talking about the soft flowing merino wool shawl just like Jessica Lange wore in the movie. This is my version of the Pacific Northwest Shawl by Evelyn Clarke using Danette Taylor's handpainted laceweight merino wool in the seaweed colorway. I love Danette Taylor's yarns and if you ever want to experience handpainted yarns at their finest - check her out as she has recently begun working as an independant dyer again. BTW, these photos are taken in front of our beach house in San Clemente - sometimes the waves come over the rocks and crash against the deck. I have spent many happy hours on the deck drinking cups of tea, reading a good book, watching the dophins play, or knitting, of course.

This next photo is DB (aka: Steve) and Mr. Puffy - aren't they handsome! DB is a wonderful life partner and very supportive of my facination with knitting my own clothes. Well, maybe it's more acurate to say he's bemused by; impressed with; amused with ... my knitting. He doesn't wear many handknit items though because, can you imagine, he thinks wool is "scratchy." He will wear handknit socks though - and you'll get to see pics of him wearing them soon.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Fee, fi, fo fum

Fee, fi, fo fum, I smell the blood of .... a French Girl?

Joy of joys - we are at our home away from home in wonderful, sleepy, surf city, San Clemente, California. What's more - it's near a fabulous LYS! We had the best of all mornings - trolling through a bookstore and then a yarn shop. Not just any yarn shop, but La Petite Knitterie in Ladera Ranch. So much yummy yarn and so little time (DB anxiously patiently waiting to move on to lunch). Never known to visit a yarn shop without leaving with some treasure I quickly swooped up a perfect summer knit - Fifi (French Girl pattern) in Rowan Calmer. I chose the color Cora - which is not a typical color choice for me - and is one reason why I find an occasional trip to the LYS essential. The yarn shop owner is usually very helpful in choosing a color that will look good on you. I generally stick to my traditional colors when ordering on line as I don't want to end up with a color that just doesn't work on me. Anyway, here's Fifi:

I also picked up a mystery book - Knit One, Kill Two by Maggie Sefton. I have no idea if this book will be any good or not - but how could I resist?

Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Puffy got his favorite treats from San Clemente - a tin of Claudia's Gourmet Cookies from Claudia's Canine Cuisine (No - I'm not that "Claudia") and trust me these cookies smell good enough to snack on myself. After lunch DB and I shared a super delicious slice of coconut cake from the Pacific Whey Company. We all agree, San Clemente is a wonderful place to be.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Use Number 1 for a UFO

Dear Fellow Knitters,

I know you have one somewhere. You know what I mean..... a UFO. My method for absolving guilt about a UFO is to simply turn a lemon into lemon aid. Mr. Puffy actually gave me this idea (must give credit where credit is due). Here's what you do. Bind off all stitches no matter what stage your project is in. Take any unused skeins and place them in your "new" stash pile. Then take your various pieces of knitting over to your pet's bed. Lay those pieces in the pet bed and consider how soft and cozy it will be for your pet to enjoy. Mr. Puffy loves his bed (napping is his top hobby) and currently reclines on an assortment of extra fine merino (Rowan Design - way off guage), wool/mohair blend (felted bag not ment to be), and some Anne (Schaeffer Yarn) that was an ill considered choice for a scarf. We are both much happier.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Dove Shawl

The Dove Shawl is an Heirloom Knitting design by Sharon Miller. I used 3 skeins of Rowan Kidsilk Haze and did one fewer pattern repeats that recommended. This is a delightful shawl to wear as it is light weight and the color is stunning (deep violet). It is more of a dressy shawl and one I wear more at night.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Welcome to Mr. Puffy and Claudia's Blog!

Mr. Puffy and Claudia welcome you to their blog. While Mr. Puffy strongly suggested we take an afternoon nap, I insisted that we share some of the projects that we have enjoyed making (and wearing). Note the emphasis on "wearing." I used to be what is called a "process knitter" - meaning that I enjoyed the process of knitting more than actually wearing the finished garment. I am no longer a "process" knitter as I wear everything I knit - and try to wear something I knit every day (not easy living in Southern California). What changed me from a process knitter? It's a story that involves a moth and a project that took (off and on) three years to knit. I can't say more than that - it's too painful. I hope you enjoy the pictures of handknit items being worn and enjoyed!