Monday, February 18, 2013

Crazy Cowl and Urban Legend ~

It's been a particularly hard stretch of work lately and so a little down time in San Clemente has been welcome.  I'm never as relaxed as I am in San Clemente, maybe because we don't take Simcha with us.  As adorable as he is, he has a lot of energy and likes to run our household rather like a military compound.  For example, if we aren't up by 7 am he will bark until he hears us moving about and he keeps us on a schedule all day long.  Personally I prefer a more flexible lifestyle, but I lost that vote.  Sometimes I think Simcha would be happy if our day began with a bugle roll call.  But I'm not buying him a bugle.  He's bossy enough as it is.

These pictures are of my new cowl taken at sunset along the San Clemente Coastal Trail that connects North Beach with the Pier and beyond.  This trail is a great asset to the community and everyone uses it to walk their dog, ride bikes or jog while enjoying beautiful views of the coastline.

Particulars:  September Circle by Melissa LaBarre (Knitting School Dropout); 1 skein Schoppel-Wolle Crazy Yarn; US 7 circular Needles; modified as follows:  CO 180 stitches; only knit 3 repeats.  I also spliced the colors so that the center had a stripe of light blue yarn just because I thought that would look nicer.  This cowl was a fun and easy knit with fingerling weight yarn so it gives a nice pop of color without a lot of weight which works perfectly with our climate and a sunset walk at the beach.

Simcha and an Urban legend

I was touched that some of the comments on the last post mentioned missing hearing about Simcha. That makes me happy as I love sharing our adventures together.  So I'll share what is probably my favorite picture of him taken at a special place where we often hike. There's a local urban legend that when Jimi Hendrix (guitar player blues/rock style, e.g. Hey Joe) lived in Topanga Canyon he would come to this place to compose and play his music. I have no idea if this is true or not but I do know it has mind blowing views and it is a popular place to party and play music.

Until next time, be well and love well and be sure to take breaks from your regular routine as everyone needs to be flexible.