Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wristlets with an Edge and Rye Bread

These edgy wristlets are designed by Inna Voltchkova who was born in the Ukraine and is a graduate of the Kiev Institute of Fashion Design and Technology.

I'm ridiculously happy with these wristlets.  They are very simple, but elegant and fun too.  I particularly love the modern look to the design despite wristlets being an accessory reminiscent of the 1800s and the Victorian era.

But leave it to a sister to ask what some might consider an awkward question.  Whilst showing them to  my practically minded sister during a recent visit she said "they are very pretty.... but when will you wear them?" 

Why, I'll wear them.... hum.... yes, I see.....hum...... I know!  I'll wear them to a musical recital!  Kidding aside, I don't see why I can't wear these just about anywhere.  I've shown them here in a dressy way, but I think they could be worn casually too.  On a cold morning I can see them with jeans and a sweater... no?  It's all about attitude.  I live in SoCal after all.

Particulars: Inna Voltchkova's Knitted Wrist Warmers; Piecework Magazine (July/August 2009); US1 double pointed needles; 1 skein Schulana Mosco Yarn color No. 11 (67% viscose, 20% mohair, 13% nylon). This is a very easy and fun pattern to knit.  I made no modifications to the pattern except to substitute the yarn.

Rustic Rye Bread

In honor of the great knitters and knitting traditions that hail from Eastern Europe, including Orenburg lace, I'm going to share a recipe for a rye bread that is typical fare for Eastern Europe and a favorite recipe of mine.

Light Rye Loaf  ~ recipe adapted from The Baking Book by Linda Collister.  I love this baking booking and have made many of the recipes over and over again. 

3 3/4 cups unbleached white BREAD flour (not all purpose flour) (450g)
2 cups rye flour (230g)
1 tablespoon caraway seeds (plus extra for sprinkling on top of loaf)
1 tablespoon salt (kosher or sea salt) plus extra for sprinkling on top of loaf (5g)
1 package active dry yeast (7g / 1/4 oz) or .06 oz cake fresh yeast
2 cups warm water (used to proof yeast)
1/2 teaspoon molasses to feed yeast
1 egg white mixed with 1 teaspoon water to make an egg wash
Small amount of olive oil used to grease bread rising bowl
Small amount of corn meal to prevent loaf from sticking to baking sheet


1.  Add water to mixing bowl along with package of active dry yeast and molasses.  Allow to proof for 10 minutes.   Yeast should be bubbling.
2.  Add flour to water as follows:  using a dough hook and your mixer set on low speed add the flour 1 cup at a time waiting until the flour is incorporated before adding the next cup.  Begin with the rye flour and after the second cup of rye add the salt and caraway seeds when adding the 1st cup of bread flour.  When the mixture comes together as a dough turn out onto a bread board and finish adding the remaining flour and kneading process by hand (this is roughly the last cup of flour for me).  When the dough is ready it should be soft but not sticky.  The recipe book says the hand kneading process takes 10 minutes but I only hand knead for a couple of minutes as I use the dough hook for most of the kneading process.
3.  Place dough into rising bowl with small amount of olive oil and turn dough to cover surface with olive oil.  Place a warm damp cloth over bowl and place bowl in warm spot to rise for about 2 hours (until double in bulk).
4.  Turn dough out onto bread board and punch down to remove air pockets.  Turn to form an oval loaf.  Place loaf on baking sheet covered with cornmeal (to prevent sticking) and sprinkle top of loaf with small amount of bread flour to prevent cloth from sticking.  Cover with damp cloth and set in a warm spot for final rise (roughly 1 hour).
5.  Approximately 1/2 hour before final rise is complete preheat the oven to 425 degrees.  When loaf is risen, uncover the loaf and slash top several times with sharp knife (I use a bread lame) and then brush loaf with egg wash and sprinkle with salt and caraway seeds.  Bake for 15-20 minutes or until golden and then reduce the oven temperature to 375 degrees and bake a further 20 minutes or until the loaf sounds hollow when tapped on the base.  Cool on a wire rack.  When completely cool slice.  This bread freezes very well.

Rye bread is a strange bread as it's best toasted, even when fresh from the oven.   I absolutely love this bread  in the morning with a good Seville orange marmalade and pot of plain yorkshire gold black tea.  It is also wonderful with savory meats and cheeses and makes a fantastic hamburger bun.  Just don't forget to toast it first!

Until next time be well, love well, and remember that it's time to start thinking about your Fall knits.  We will be away over the 4th of July holiday and hope you will  have a wonderful celebration!


At Home Mommy Knits said...

First I hope you have a wonderful fourth of july!! Love the wristlets, so fun. Thanks for the recipe, I will definitely be making some rye bread.

Unknown said...

I'm a native Californian and it's all about how you wear it! If you wear the right thing with sweat pants it can be cool :) They look great. Very beautiful.

t does wool said...

yes...I could see you wearing them in just about anyway, the color ...and that bread...sinfully delicious!

Allie said...

Claudia, I LOVE those wristlets - I think you should wear them everywhere! They are so classy.
The rye sounds good - enjoy your holiday!!!!!

betty said...

The wristlets are indeed very lovely, but I sort of agree with your sister. I've never knitted wrist warmers because I just cannot think of when or where I would wear them.

It's way to early to think of fall knits -- summer just officially started!

Monika said...

I LOVE the pictures of your wristlest, and the wristlets themselves. The yarn/color looks wonderful.
I miss being able to buy all those delicious rye breads here, as you said it can be eaten so many ways.

Kate (KnitsInClass) said...

I love the wristlets too - and agree, you could wear them so many places. I should get cracking on another pair for fall - they come in really handy here in Minnesota.

Rebekah said...

I'd wear them in the office for warmth, as my office you could stock meat in its so frigid.

They are very cute, wear them with pride!

SissySees said...

Rye bread is my favorite - well, maybe pumpernickle...

Anyway, can't wait to try your recipe. Love the wristlets. I think wearing handknits is always about attitude. I often hear/see "I love to knit ____, but never wear ____." I wear mine! I - or a kind knitter friend - put a lot of time, love and energy into it, so I wear my knits with pride!

Jules said...

I love these! They look like metal. We have that yarn at our shop and I've wondered what it could be used for. Now I know!

gMarie said...

Oh those are fabulous and I think you can wear them whenever you want!

Love the bread - I'm no baker at all. g

subliminalrabbit said...

totally everyday wear! they're awesome!

Carol said...

So elegant, love the yarn!

Tracy said...

Oh...WOW... Those wristlets are lovely, Claudia... Very sexy & edgy! I like silvery/chacoal yarn. I might have to give those a go. I love wristlets and use them a lot--especially during the cold winters over here... LOL! I like how such wristlets can be used like jewerly. Pretty and practical, I think so too. ;o) I just purchased some yarn and will be giving one of those crochet ripple throws a try--that will be my late summer/fall project. WONDERFUL rye bread...mmm... I've not made bread in a very long time. Your recipe looks good, and easy. Wishing you & yours a Happy July 4th weekend! :o) ((HUGS))

Anna said...

Oooh, the wristlets are gorgeous! And thanks for the bread recipe - my dh loves baking and I love rye bread, so this sounds like a great one for him to try ;)

kim said...

That's so funny. I saw these and said to myself, "I love them! I have that yarn; I could make these!" But then, "I'll never wear those...." They are beautiful. I'm happy that you've got somewhere to wear them. They look beautiful on you.

Hilary said...

Heck yeah, you can wear those anywhere! They are fabulous! Or (to quote Tyra), FIERCE. The yarn you've chosen is absolutely perfect and makes them almost look like chain mail. Sooo cool. I think you could also wear them with a blazer or other structured jacket and pull them down half way over your hands on chilly days/evenings. Oh, they are just awesome!

Hope you have a great 4th of July weekend!

raining sheep said...

They are beautiful Claudia and really they take place of a bracelet so you can wear them anywhere to add a bit of bling to your outfit. They are very elegant, modern yet feminine as well and my favorite color. And you are right about California, pretty much anything goes! I love that about California. I wish it was like that here - Calgary is sooooo conservative.

The bread looks delicious - I buy a similar bread in one of the bakeries here. I like my bread to have substance.

amanda said...

Wow - those are an edgy little knit aren't they! They look fantastic with the black outfit and bag!

Bridget said...

I LOVE those wristlets! Now I shall just make a pair for myself.

Around here, there are some fall mornings when it's cool enough that whatever jacket you are wearing keeps letting cool air up through the arms - these would be perfect.

Plus, it will cheer me up to think of fall ... :-)

P.S. Please save me a piece of rye bread, OK??

Murielle said...

I LOVE these wristlets and the color is super elegant. I wear my wristlets all the time in winter, as a transition piece/accent between my sweater/jacket sleeve and my hand, and it keeps my wrists and my palms warm (I wear them scrunched down). And guess what - I am going to try your bread recipe!! Is there another kind of flour that I could sub for the rye while keeping the recipe the same? Just looking for sthg I don't have to toast first... :)

Knitting Out Loud said...

Yes, the wristlets are gorgeous! One of my dearest friends is Ukranian, and as a child she spent time in a DP camp in Germany during WW II. She taught me Ukrainian embroidery and egg decoration which are both stunning.

Love the rye bread recipe too!

Renee said...

Your wristlets are gorgeous and so stylish. Definitely wearable dressed up or down. Lovely colour.

mmm, fresh baked bread. Yum! :)

Lisa said...

You're not the only one who's ridiculously happy. I WANT those. They'd look really sharp with a cap-sleeve white button-down shirt but who cares? It would be very cool just to look down at your wrists and enjoy them.

I'm stealing your bread recipe. :-)

Rachel said...

Love these! All the words that have been said before come to mind...classy, edgy, elegant... I think you'll find so many ways to wear them!

knittingdragonflies said...

I love these, they are so edgy! Love your nail color with them!
Have fun wearing them.
I was craving some Rye bread, I never thought of baking some. I just read how many health benefits it has, in addition to tasting good!

Katherine said...

Your wristlets are lovely and the yarn is a beautiful color. I predict you will wear them a lot. I love rye bread toasted and my favorite sandwich is my homemade chicken salad on fresh baked rye. DH says I'm crazy and asks for his chicken salad on white or wheat. We have very different tastes! Thanks for the recipe.

Monique said...

Boy, those are pretty!