Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hot off the Needles

Finally, I have finished Rusted Root, by Zephyr Knits. But mine's more of a Spring Root - because I like spring colors better than fall colors (to wear, I mean). I began this top in February or March but this project stalled a bit because I didn't really enjoy working with the Cotton Fleece (the yarn suggested in the pattern). However, I'm glad I stuck with it because I really like the design of this top. I may even knit it again, but using a yarn like Karabella Aurora 8 or something similar. For those of you considering knitting this top - be forwarned that it runs on the small size. I swatched and still have a tighter fit than I expected. Only modifications that I made were to ignore the side decreases and to add stitches at the base of the arm when finishing the sleeves. All in all a very wearable top and a great wardrobe staple.


jillian said...

Your top looks great! A fabulous fit and a wonderful color on you. Funny, I have Rusted Root in some teal Cotton Fleece in the queue!

tentenknits said...

hey i'm a little late to the party but Love your rusted root! I made one a while ago and am thinking of doing another :-)!