Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Socks - They Aren't Just Black and Blue Anymore

Well, yes, they are a little loud. Some might even say garish bright. But I know Mr. Puffy will wear them with pride! Although he did ask if the next pair could be black, white, and tan. Picky. Picky. Picky.

These are the Bird of Paradise Socks - one of the sock kits from Sundara Yarn's Sock Club. I really enjoyed knitting these socks precisely because the yarn was so bright and cheerful. However, I'm not sure how much wear they will get unless Mr. Puffy decides he really likes them. Kidding aside, Sundara's sock club is really a treat and I'm glad I participated for the 3 kits this past winter. They arrived beautifully packaged and the yarn was nice quality. The kits are a great way to experiment with different sock patterns - something I'm hooked on ever since knitting the IK Embossed Leaves pattern (socks gifted to a good friend). So what socks are next? I just so happen to have some handpainted Shelridge Farm Soft Touch Ultra - which also so happens to be the yarn recommended for the Monkey Socks by the talented Cookie. They are already on the needles.


Monika said...

Oh my god, this Mr. Puffy picture is so cute! Nice socks by the way, and thanks on your cardigan comment! ;o)

Cathy said...

Mr. Puffy is too funny, and a great sport! No need for sock blockers when Mr. Puffy is around!

Your knitting looks wonderful, from the sweaters to the socks!

:) Cathy