Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hopeful's First "Outing"

This is the pattern Hopeful by Jenna Adorno. I finished this top a few months ago, but this is the first chance I've had to wear it. It's a very comfortable design and I like that it has a real style to it. Forgive the "stewardess" pose below - but I wanted a better picture of the fit (FYI if you "click" on the picture it will enlarge it and show the details better). Geez, for someone who spends a great deal of time at the beach I sure am white. Where's a bucket of self-tanning lotion when you need it??? I used the yarn it was designed for (Rowan Wool Cotton) in Poster Blue. Might knit another, nuff said.

I'm currently working fast and furiously on "Fifi" French Girl pattern using Rowan Calmer (see below) and know that I must accept the truth. I am an Rowanette. I do dig the Rowan yarns. If I'm not using a handpainted yarn - odds are I'm knitting with some Rowan yarn. Great colors, good quality, nice feel. With a little luck I'll be wearing Fifi next weekend on our trip to Chicago. A sad trip that is to dedicate the tombstone that will mark the passing of DB's mother on January 17, 2006.


jillian said...

Oh my, your Hopeful turned out great! I love the Rowan yarns too! Although not always the patterns :)

Monika said...

I love your blog! The projects are ALL wonderful, and the photos as well, and you know I love dogs, what an endearing combination! You've got a wonderful place where ever that is, it was a pleasure visiting here!