Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Saw It and Knew I Had to Have One

When I saw the movie Rob Roy I knew I had to have one and I'm not talking about a man wearing a kilt. I'm talking about the soft flowing merino wool shawl just like Jessica Lange wore in the movie. This is my version of the Pacific Northwest Shawl by Evelyn Clarke using Danette Taylor's handpainted laceweight merino wool in the seaweed colorway. I love Danette Taylor's yarns and if you ever want to experience handpainted yarns at their finest - check her out as she has recently begun working as an independant dyer again. BTW, these photos are taken in front of our beach house in San Clemente - sometimes the waves come over the rocks and crash against the deck. I have spent many happy hours on the deck drinking cups of tea, reading a good book, watching the dophins play, or knitting, of course.

This next photo is DB (aka: Steve) and Mr. Puffy - aren't they handsome! DB is a wonderful life partner and very supportive of my facination with knitting my own clothes. Well, maybe it's more acurate to say he's bemused by; impressed with; amused with ... my knitting. He doesn't wear many handknit items though because, can you imagine, he thinks wool is "scratchy." He will wear handknit socks though - and you'll get to see pics of him wearing them soon.

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kasiaiscarly said...

ok for some reason when blogger loaded your blog it went down to all these old posts. . . this shawl is AMAZING! hearting on ravelry as we speak :)