Saturday, November 3, 2007

My Clapotis

Here she is, in all her glory, my Clapotis. Those of you considering knitting her should be forewarned that there are various emotional phases you might find yourself experiencing. I have documented them as follows:

Stage 1. Excitement. During this stage you will probably join a knit along (KAL), such as Second Wave Clapotis, and spend large amounts of time anguishing over deciding which yarn to use.

Stage 2. Concern. Upon close examination, pattern will appear more tricky than expected. You recall during this stage that Knitty has rated the pattern "tangy." New knitting techniques such as KTB ("knitting through the back loop") will have to be learned and/or mastered. Decisions will need to be made on whether to also PTB ("purl through the back loop") and, if so, should it be a "mirrored twist". Lots of swatching takes place during this stage as needle size is also a variable.

Stage 3. Happy. You are finally underway. All concern experienced in stage 2 will have been forgotten as the pattern is genius and simple. You will delight as the beauty of the yarn is expressed in the simple stockinette pattern.

Stage 4. Concern. You realize that there is an awful lot of borning knitting in a simple stockinette pattern. During this stage you might find yourself wondering if it is worth the effort for basically a simple stockinette scarf.

Stage 5. Happy. You have now dropped a number of stitches and realize how fun intentionally dropping a stitch can be. The mystery of where the dropped stitch goes is intriguing. The drape of the fabric and the ladders they form begin to look quite elegant and you find yourself staring at your knitting. It's completely understandable why legions have knit the Clapotis.

Stage 6. Excitement. It's done. It's beautiful. You are thrilled to have a Clapotis and can't wait to wear it! Warning: during this stage you might also start planning your next one. P.S. The next one will be for you Puff.

I feel the need to go out for a cup of cappuccino, to be enjoyed with a lot of attitude.

Project Notes:
Yarn: Tess' Designer Yarns - Silk & Ivory, sport weight. Just over 1 skein.
Needle: US 5
Modifications: One extra increase section and 4 extra straight sections.


jillian said...

Yup, that first stage is anguish. Definitely anguish!

You really hit the nail on the head.

And yours is stunning! It's just the right combination of variegation without being overwhelming.

Bridget said...

Oh it is absolutely gorgeous!!

I love the "stages" of Clapotis - you ought to include that on the KAL site ...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Nicely done, glad the stages of the clap end happily. Wear it well!

Monika said...

Wow, this piece is laden with emotions. I'm not sure this entices me to knit it as well. I'm glad you wear it so beautifully. Hope you'll enjoy it for a long time! You are seriously considering making another one? ;o)

Sherry said...

Your Clapotis is beautiful. I enjoyed reading the "stages". You described them very accurately. So, what are you thinking you might use for yarn for the second one? I was very happy with the Handmaiden Sea Silk.

ENJOY!!! Although knitting is fun, wearing what you've created is just awesome.

A South Park Republican said...

Your "stages" are great, as is your Clapotis. I really need to finish my sweater so I can delve into my very own Clapotis!

amanda said...

beautiful! I still haven't knit one of these, but when I do, your staging will help a lot :)

Pat K said...

I've come over, as I said I would, and have enjoyed reading your posts this evening. Your knits are fabulous and your recipes look quite yummy. It's good to have met you, and I'll be visiting again...