Saturday, July 21, 2007

Will She or Won't She???

I have been a bit of a sockamaniac for a while, but have only recently joined Sockamania a fun Knitalong ("KAL") hosted by Anni. Each month Anni provides, gratis, an original sock pattern and those who finish by the end of the month are entered into a drawing for sock yarn. How cool is that? It will be close but, I'm afraid, I probably..... won't be finished by the end of the month. Here's where I'm at:

This is a really great cable pattern and while I'll (probably) be a late finisher, my real goal with this KAL is to use some of my accumulated sock yarn stash (so I can buy more - yeah!). I'm using Sundara's sock yarn (petal's collection) and US 2 Needles. This sock is an absolutely perfect fit for Steve and he's very pleased that this pair will be his (slight jealousy issues with Mr. Puffy).

Why do I knit socks, you wonder? Only someone who hasn't worn a pair of handknit socks could possibly wonder that! I consider handknit socks one of "life's small pleasures" in the same category as a good cup of tea and a box of chocolates. And, while I haven't exactly been a prolific sock knitter, I have knit a dozen or so pairs and here is one of my favorites:

Yarn: Lornas Laces - US 1 Needles

Free Pattern: Dublin Bay Socks ~Compliments of Mossy Cottage ~


yvonnep said...

I love both pair of socks! The Dublin Bay socks are simple but effective. A good choice.

Monika said...

I didn't think the Dublin Bay socks are anything special in the original photo, but yours, boy they look great! Must be the yarn/color, and they are on actual feet. ;o)

Chris said...

Followed you over from Sockamania - I JUST finished my Serpentines - made from the exact same shade of Sundara (Lenten Rose)!