Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Scarf by Any Other Name

If you have ever been tempted to try La Lana Wools plant dyed yarns I highly recommend this kit. It has the hum drum name "A Very Nice Scarf" which does not do credit to the elegant and sophisticated cable design combined with their stunning Phat Silk Fines (50%silk/50% wool). It has that quality that compels complete strangers to comment on how beautiful it is. While I'm not really big on wearing summer scarfs, this is a nice weight (US 5 needles), has great drape, and gives a fun pop of color to a summer outfit. I do love La Lana Wools ~ I have also knit their Sea Foam Lace Shawl ~ and I have a sneaking suspicion that Mr. Puffy is going to *surprise* me with their gaucho vest kit for my Fall knitting.

N.B.  I love this scarf so much I knit it again in the same yarn but a different color ~ blogged as Knitting Memories.

Is it time for tea? This week my good friend Jane came for a visit (usually our friends want to visit it us at the beach, but as Jane is our neighbor at the beach, she wanted to come to the mountains for a change). In honor of her visit I baked a traditional Victoria Sponge Cake for our tea. The recipe is from Saveur (my favorite cooking magazine) and I used my favorite filling of strawberry jam and double devon cream. We hope Jane will someday be our neighbor here in Topanga as well!


Monika said...

Wearing a scarf during summer time, would kill me! ;o) This one's very pretty.

jillian said...

That is stunning! That name definitely doesn't do it justice. It looks wonderful on you! Perfect for chilly evenings.