Monday, July 16, 2007

I LOVE Living in Topanga

There is nothing extraordinary about this picture, except for the following: 1. We live in Los Angeles County; 2. This picture is taken from our bedroom window; and 3. There is a Blue Jay sitting on the deer - happily finding things to munch on!

Actually this deer is no stranger to our property. Last year we were gone so much, I'm pretty sure he thinks he has gained squatter's rights. Quite often we will glance outside and see him wandering around, or lying down next to a rock, or even gazing back into the house at us! You might be asking yourself, what is Mr. Puffy doing while all this is going on. I'll tell you - he's enjoying the view. Because the walls in our house are all glass - he has a marvelous view of all the little (and large) animals that live in Topanga and quietly enjoys observing them.

Note to self: Must have windows cleaned!


jillian said...

We have skunks and coyotes in So Pas :) Not nearly so picturesque, but the skunks are kinda cute! My kitties would have little kitty seizures living in a glass house - they get so excited seeing what wanders by just sitting by the windows!

Monika said...

You have a couple of wonderful places to live! This is a wonderful picture. We 've got lots of Blue Jays around here, Bunny's in the garden, the occacional skunk and racoons, also lots of wild cats. I think my dogs would bark themselve in a frenzy seeing that buck!