Saturday, March 8, 2008

Twice as Good

I'm sharing an older project today where you have seen the more current version already. It is rare that I will knit the same pattern twice. There are just so many different patterns and yarns that I want to try that I never seem to go back to one I've knit before. But the Sursa shawl is different. I've knit it twice now and I wouldn't be surprised if I knit it a third time.

I like the Sursa shawl particularly well because it combines a rustic style wrap with a more modern look that is achieved by the use of a constrasting ruffle trim. It is also unlike anything I have ever seen in the stores and I like to knit things that I could not otherwise buy. It also doesn't hurt that the yarn is Noro silk garden and a pleasure to knit with.

I also love the Sursa shawl because it is a quick knit and I think a superior use for the Noro silk garden yarn. You use US 15 needles with the yarn doubled so it moves along very quickly and before you can say lickety split you are done! Using the yarn doubled also gives the yarn a complexity of color and strength that shows off the fiber to it's best advantage in my opinion.

I can remember when I first saw the Sursa shawl. I was in a LYS and the knitting instructor was wearing it. I thought it was the most beautiful yarn and pattern I had ever seen. This was, of course, well before I had discovered knitting blogs and all the wonder of the infinite variety of yarns and patterns available on-line. Yet, to this day, for the reasons given above it remains a favorite combination of yarn and pattern.

Project specs: Sursa Shawl from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Book Number Two; US 15 Needles; 5 skeins Noro Silk Garden; 3 skeins Debbie Bliss Cashmerino; finished dimensions: 23" wide and 75" long.

We would now like to take just a minute to thank Vicki from Knitting Dragonflies for specifically awarding Mr Puffy the You Make My Day Award. Mr Puffy would like to say a few words in thanks.

I am incredibly thrilled by the honor of receiving this Award. I can't believe that my contributions to this blog should be so recognized by one of the knitting community. I would like to thank those that supported me and encouraged me throughout this process. I would also like to thank my mommy and daddy; my grandparents who live in Santa Barbara and have always encouraged me in whatever I've wanted to do and feed me lots of treats; my friends who live on my street, Mia and Ralph, who always want to play with me; and mostly I would like to thank Uno who recently won the first major Award for beagles ever and made it possible for other beagles to succeed in this highly competitive world! Now all I want to do is go to Disneyland and celebrate! Ah-Roo! Ah-Roo!
Sorry about that. He's just a little beagle and doesn't have a well developed sense of proportionality. We won't be going to Disneyland but I think we can manage a trip to our local Three Dog Bakery for a special treat. Thank you Vicki - you make our day too - along with all those other bloggers who have enriched our lives with your shared experiences, humor, and creativity!


Bridget said...

That shawl is gorgeous - I think I'd knit it again, too!

Wow, Mr Puffy sure had a lot to say!

Denise said...

That looks fabulous on you :-) I have never knit with Noro!!!! like you say, there's so many patterns and yarn, but I hope to try it one day.

jillian said...

That is so pretty. I had no idea the SG was held double. This is especially interesting to me because I have occasionally wondered what a self-striping yarn would look like doubled!

Monika said...

For a second I had a heart stopping moment, when I thought something bad had happened to MrPuffy! Picture and long text usually dont' mean nice things. Thank god it's and award! :o) Lovely picture of you and your lovely shawl. I like rustic looking things too. What I can't get over is the fact, that you wear long sleeves and the sun is shining! I start sweating just be looking at it. :o) But really, very nice pics! We had to shovel our way out this morning, all three of us, because hubby and son had to go out. Huge amounts, never seen before, and it's wonderful in the back yard. Just had to mentally cool down a little. :o) Noro Silk Garden is a special yarn, with a special place in my stash.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shawl. I have a ball of silk garden, but I've never used it! I'll have to try it out. Mr. Puffy's feeling pretty good about himself- and he should!

Anonymous said...

Now that I've gotten up off the floor and finished laughing over his acceptance speech, I'd like to congratulate Mr. Puffy on receiving this fine award. It couldn't have gone to a better beagle/blogger. Roscoe and Mosby are wagging their tails in approval.

Your shawl is pretty and thank you for explaining that you doubled the Noro silk garden. When I first looked at it, it seemed too bulky for silk garden, but then you explained why.

After working on, and ripping out, a project on size 4 needles today, size 15 sounds pretty good.

tiennie said...

Too funny!

Beautiful shawl!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Mr Puffy! Obviously, he likes a bit of the limelight...

LOVE the shawl, and will have to search out the pattern. I love those self-striping yarns, and the effect of holding two strands together is lovely.

Knitted Gems said...

The Noro does look beautiful in this shawl. I'm not surprised you knit it twice over.

I'd keep an eye on Mr. Puffy. One more award like that and his britches might become a bit too small.

Hilary said...

That shawl is gorgeous. GOR-geous. You did a fantastic job and it looks great on you!

P.S. Mr. Puffy is very eloquent. :)

Rue said...

Hi there :)
It seems that Rosanne of Firefly Nights thought it would be nice if Mr. Puffy could meet Shiloh (our Beagle) over at my blog when his mom is busy knitting and off the computer. LOL I think they're twins! Mr. Puffy is very handsome.
Take care,
Rue :)

knitting dragonfly said...

I love the shawl, I have the perfect yarn for it, I think, it is beautiful!!

amanda said...

Beautiful shawl! And, congrats to Mr Puffy. Hope he enjoys the treat :)

Sherry said...

Love your shawl and can't wait to "double wrap" my Sursa next time I wear it.

You'll have to let Mr. Puffy share his thoughts and feelings more often. He obviously has lots to say & we do enjoy listening to him.