Sunday, January 15, 2017

Baa-Ble Hat and Slip Slidding Along the Trail with Simcha

I'm late to the party but better late than never!  This is the Baa-ble hat that has become an iconic pattern for the online knitting community.  It's been many many years since I last saw a pattern that captured the hearts of so many knitters.  The last time that I recall this happening was in 2009 with the still and ever popular bakkus scarf, a pattern that I attribute to single handedly spawning a whole industry shift to the humble bumble garter stitch after knitters saw how amazing hand painted yarns looked in this stitch.  If you recall prior to the bakkus most shawls were knit in a lace pattern on a stockinette background.

But back to the Baa-ble hat! This is a very fun design with easy color work that works up quickly in a worsted yarn. Whether you are an experienced knitter or a novice with color work this is a pattern that you will enjoy knitting.  And with the cute sheep ringing the hat it will appeal to all age groups.

Many knitters have found this hat knits up very large and as I have a smallish noggin I decided to follow the downsize modifications recommended by Susan B. Anderson.  Except and only that I knit my hat brim differently.  Because not only it is important to me how a hat fits but also how it looks on.  I'm shallow that way.

If you live in an ultra cold environs you probably won't want to make my modification.  Unless you too care how your hat looks on. What I am referring to is the extra bulk that a hat brim adds that can be less than flattering when worn. Or maybe it's just not flattering on me.  In any event my modification for a less bulky hat brim is as follows:
Knit hat brim in a twisted double rib (i.e. k tbl, k tbl, p,p) for 1.5 inches or desired length and then knit the same length in plain stockinette instead of more ribbing.  You are now set up to begin following the regular pattern instructions.
This modification allows you to have a hat brim to keep your ears cozy without the additional bulk from a double layer of ribbing.  And I love love love how mine came out!

Particulars:  Baa-ble Hat (Ravelry download only), designed by Donna Smith and the official pattern for Shetland Wool Week (2015); US 7 and 8 needles; my yarn came in a kit purchased from Dyed in the Wool Yarn Co (worsted weight); 1 skein Thunder (50g); Cranky Crock (50g) bonehead (50g) and black (25g).  I followed the downsized instructions here as graciously provided by the amazing and very popular blogger Donna B. Anderson, with the addition of my hat brim modification as discussed above.  I also completed all the charted decreases as I wanted a bit of a slouch to my hat. This is a wonderful pattern and super fun hat to wear!  FYI the official pattern for Shetland Wool Week (2016) is the Crofthoose Hat (as of yet still a free pattern) by Ella Gordon (blogs as Textile Maker).

Other color work projects I have blogged include: Osbury Rock (scarf) and Hebe (hat) both of which are very wearable pieces and favorites of mine.

Incidentally I knit the Gaucho Vest that I am wearing in these pictures.  I am quite possibly the only person who ever knit this pattern which is a shame because it has been an amazing wardrobe piece (so easy to dress up or down) and I wear it all the time!

Slip Sliding Along the Trail with Simcha

I often talk about my hikes with Simcha but I rarely take you along with us.  So for a change here's a few pictures from a cold, wet and muddy day. In other words a perfect day for wearing a warm woolly Baa-ble Hat!

The sunrises in Topanga, California are gorgeous in the winter months when the air is clear from all the wind and rain. The sun rises over the city of Los Angeles and looks different every morning as sometimes the city buildings are standing tall in the distance and other times obscured by a layer of fog and clouds.

Even though we live relatively close to the city we are in a very rural environment and the hiking is beautiful.  But you have to know where you are going because the trails are extremely muddy during the winter and Simcha and I have discovered that only too often!

But sometimes it's good for the soul to hike in the mud and just get down and dirty and frankly just can't be avoided. Simcha and I have been on trails where my shoes have been so heavily caked in mud that my feet practical come out of my shoes with each step.  When that happens I just clump clump along until I come to a rock where I can scrape some off some of the mud.  Other times the trail can be so slick with mud I just hope that I don't skid off the trail and land splat on my butt.

Simcha on the other hand is never troubled by the mud. That is until he hears the word bath.

Until next time be well and love well and get out and experience this wonderful wet winter season!  Perhaps in your own Baa-ble Hat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Claudia. Your Baa-ble looks beautiful on you. It's true. Everyone looks different in a hat. That shallow turned-back brim on the pattern would look comical on me. I would need a much deeper brim. But your version also looks like it would work. Thank you for that and for the Simcha pics! Chloe

Kate Lore said...

LOVE your hat... I've been thinking about making this one for a while now... so perfect with all those little sheep! Have fun hiking and stay safe from the mud! I love that look on Simcha's face in the last photo... BATH???? lol

Claudia Bugh said...

Thank you so much Chloe! I'm glad you liked the pictures of Simcha. I used to carry my camera on our hikes much more than I do so now but it's always fun to take his picture! You raise a very good point - everyone has a certain hat type they look good in. You reminded me of how handsome my dad looks in a cowboy hat :) Stay warm and safe!

Claudia Bugh said...

Haha I'm glad you picked up on the humor of that last pic of Simcha. That look of his is classic when he hears something he doesn't want to hear! lol

Claudia Bugh said...

That last comment was for Kate :)

Bridget said...

I'm getting ready to make a Baa-ble hat myself! Yours looks lovely.

I really love the picture of Simcha with the stick - and am highly amused that he does not appreciate having a bath. What a character he seems to be. :-)

Claudia Bugh said...

You'll have fun making it Bridget - it moves very quickly in worsted yarn! As far as Simcha he definitely got looks over brains but nonetheless has a very strong personality! lol

andi said...

I am always late to the party, especially with the Baa-ble hat. Now I am even more late, as I still have not cast on. I do have hopes of doing so this year.
Love your hat!
Simcha just gets better looking with each picture. Be still my heart!

Allie-oops Designs said...

That hat is just gorgeous and looks wonderful on you!! I can't wear those types, unfortunately...I need a huge brim. That pic of Simcha when you mention "bath" is hysterical!!

Neulisti said...

You're not the only one who's late. I still haven't knit this even though I really should. Your's is very pretty!

RuthArt said...

Simcha is looking so wonderful, even the expression on the 'bath'
Our Wiena is 12 now, diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma. Had her spleen removed in April, 5 chemo treatments (last one will be Aug 4), she still loves to go with us. We just got back from SLO and now planning a beach hopping trip to Oregon. Wish us luck.

Your knitting is just fabulous, my mom used to love knitting, but I find it really hurts my wrists to knit or crochet now. Looking for a piano!!!