Saturday, July 20, 2013

Patchwork Bird Template ~

If you've followed this blog for any time then you know that besides knitting and baking I also enjoy a variety of crafting projects including working with wool felt and I thought it was high time to share a template for a wool felt project of my own.

This sweet patchwork bird is a snap to make and can be as whimsical as you wish.  The name I've chosen is inspired by a nursery rhyme ~ The Gingham Dog and Calico Cat ~ a rhyme that made a huge impression on me at a tender age, probably due to a shockingly violent theme that I won't dwell on here.  Instead just know that scraps of fabric figure prominently in this nursery rhyme and scraps of fabric are all you will need to make this quick and fun project!

Particulars:  Free Patchwork Bird Template download (includes basic sewing together instructions); materials you will need: scraps of wool felt (I like to use hand painted wool felt that I purchase from quilting acres (Etsy) and I also like commercial wool felt by National; scraps of colorful fabric, black embroidery floss, thin crafting wire (or jewelry wire); and fill material (polyester or fleece roving).  Basic sewing instructions are on the template but once you make one you will see how easy it is make your own templates for anything you wish!  Other wool felt projects I've blogged are a broach (a favorite Fall accessory of mine); a Pumpkin Girl (Halloween decoration) and a blue bird but I've made lots of things over the years including needle books and scissor fobs including the one pictured below. Be warned though, because playing with wool felt can become addictive because there are so many things that you can make that are cute and quick to sew up!

Lastly a picture of pink poppies growing in my neighborhood simply because they make me smile when I walk by.

Until next time, be well and love well and have fun this Summer!  I'll be back shortly with a delicious strawberry scone recipe that I just know you'll love.


SissySees said...

How very sweet - well... the rhyme aside. Hem. The flowers are beautiful too!

Tracy said...

Sooo sweet, Claudia! Thank you for the links and how-to's. I enjoy the variety you share here. As well as good things to eat--look forward to the strawberry scones...YUM! Happy Summer Days (

shabby girl said...

I've made fabric birds before, but never thought to make them from felt! Seems like more of a winter bird. They'd sure be cute sitting around at Christmas time!

Hilary said...

What is it with those old depressing nursery rhymes?! I just got a book from my grandmother that my son LOVES...but it's so creepy!! Oh well, doesn't seem to bother him. :)

I love your little bird -- thank you so much for sharing the instructions! Crafting with felt does seem like fun...and probably gets you a fun end product in much less time than knitting does! :)

Chassidy said...

This is fantastic!