Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Winter Hat ~ at the Sea Shore

It feels like forever since I've finished any knitting and all I've got is a hat.  But it is a very nice hat and I'm very happy with it!  For a change of pace we shot these photos at the beach while we were in San Clemente for the holidays.

I always find our time at the beach relaxing and that is largely because we don't have the internet, cell phones or even a TV to watch and that forces you to slow down.  If you can possibly manage it I think everyone benefits from  time spent away from constant exposure to electronic devices.  Just step away from your computer and turn off your cell phone.

When you do that it gives you time to just be quiet and enjoy the simple pleasure of breathing and relaxing and enjoying nature.  I like to sit on the sand and smell the salt air; feel the warmth of the sun on my skin; listen to the waves crashing; watch the seagulls soaring in the sky and bury my toes in the sand.  I only wander home after the sun sets.

And of course in the Winter you will want a nice warm hat if you are outside enjoying nature.  And I highly recommend this pattern!

Particulars: 16 Sixteen Cable hat; designed by Circe Belles Boucles; US 8 & 9 needles (brim and body, respectively); 2 skeins terra by The Fiber Company; size 1 but I used larger needles to increase the size.  If I had knit size 2 it would have been too large for me unless I eliminated some of the stitches in the repeats which I didn't want to do that because the fabulous oversized cables are intrinsic to the beauty of this design.  Therefore I made the smaller size but increased the dimensions by using a substantial yarn and larger needles.  Because I only had 200 yards of yarn I also eliminated 1 to 2 rows of knitting in between each of the cable repeats and just barely finished with enough yarn. 

The MisAdventures of Simcha ~

As you know I always enjoy chatting about my baby.  It's hard to believe that he's already three (3) years old.  Time has flown by.  Now he spends much of his time hanging about the house and, like any young male in his prime, he enjoys flexing his muscles and preening.  Sometimes I look at those muscles and wonder if all those hikes to burn off his energy haven't also been developing his muscles.... which is sort of counter productive.  Le sigh.

Thinking about Simcha's birthday has me reminiscing about the antics he got into as a puppy and I thought you might enjoy hearing a story that I'll call "the walnut incident."  Simcha was probably about a year old when this happened.  I recall I was at my wits end at the end of a long evening.  To cap off the evening he had knocked over a bowl of nuts and was tearing around the house with a walnut in his mouth and I could not catch him. Defeated and exhausted I sat on the bottom step.  Lo and behold he came over and dropped the walnut in my hand and climbed into his crate. I whispered “thank you” and went up to bed.  Under that tough guy exterior he has a soft heart.

Until next time, be well and love well and where ever you are make time to enjoy nature.  If you are in the snow make snow angles; if you are in the woods sit and enjoy the flora; and if you are in the mountains go on hikes and watch the clouds drift overhead. And leave your cell phone at home.


Willow said...

If I can possibly manage it this week, I am going to go for a hike. I could use the solitude and exercise.
Did you see me wave at you when I passed San Clemente on my way home from San Diego? :)

Monika said...

What a lovely hat that is! I love the color too. If I had a place like yours in San Clemente, or even the on in Topanga, I might turn off the computer from time to time too. Since I don't have a job, I don't need a cell phone. I really dislike them anyway, since for those who have one, it seems they have it glued to their ears, and are ALWAYS picking up, when and wherever it rings.
Oh, how I love Simcha. He's so handsome. Denny will be 3 in Februaray. Just the other day we said, how far he's come. Took him only 3 years to be a good dog, even though he still has his moments. :o)

Hope you and Steve are well again.

SissySees said...

What a sweet story about Simcha! Like two-legged children, they grow up too fast, don't they? Beautiful hat, beautiful you, beautiful beach setting. I need to get to the beach, and soon.

Gail said...

A beautiful hat Claudia! You are such a beautiful knitter. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday, best wishes for 2013!

Renee said...

Gorgeous knit, that hat is wonderful!

Oh Simcha, you handsome boy. He's really matured into a beautiful and regal Shepherd. What a sweet story with the walnut, bless his heart :-)

Be well and enjoy the outdoors, one of my favourite things to do. Can't wait until babies here are big enough to go outside, to cold now for them.

Andrea said...

That hat is really lovely. I've had it in my pattern queue for some time but haven't gotten around to knitting it yet.

gMarie said...

I loved the story about Simcha - it was all about the game. Once you gave up - he could win and go to bed. Sweet boy.

Stunning hat, you wear them so well. I think I will turn my phone off soon - of course that will be the day the world ends and my husband *needs* me right then.


Hilary said...

I'm kind of obsessed with big ol' cables right now, so was excited to see this hat -- it's so pretty, and just perfect in the Terra! And thanks for your reminder to put away the devices and just *be*. It's easy to forget how important that is! Happy New Year to you and Steve and, of course, to Simcha who has turned into such a fine young man, er, doggie! :)

KnittySue said...

Simcha's story is so sweet, he's getting more handsome as time goes on. Love the hat, it looksk really confortable.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely, handsome fellow Simcha is. Mine is just 2 and just starting to mature :)


Tracy said...

Oh, that is a pretty hat, Claudia! That color is just so good on you--that mossy green. And it has just the right amount of "slouch," it looks like. GORGEOUS beach photos! And Simcha is 3 already... How did that happen so fast?! Always love to see him. I'm with you on going less digital whenever possible. By end of 2012, I was at the computer so much for various things. I plan on much less screen time in 2013. Wishing you & yours all the very best of LOVE, PEACE & JOY in the New Year ((HUGS))

shabby girl said...

Your hat is perfect for the beach! There's something about negative ions at the beach that brings about that wonderful calm and happy feelings.
Simcha is a beauty! Great story, too.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

As GMarie pointed out...apparently I was "outplayed" by my dog whaaawww!!!! LOL But I forgive Gaylen! Thank you all for your nice comments and support ~ Wishing everyone happy knitting in 2013 :)

betty said...

As usual, you have knitted another lovely accessory.

I admire your ability to "unplug". I don't think I could go without access to the internet for more than one day!

I hope that 2013 will be a great year for you!

knittingdragonflies said...

OO a day at the beach sounds and looks lovely! Love the little hat. We have snow here, been down for about 2 weeks now. Good knitting weather.
Take care

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful hat and wonderful Simcha story.