Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Sublime Sweater

This sweater is nothing extraordinary.  Just a comfort knit.  The equivalent of mashed potatoes and a warm hug.  But wearing it at home lounging about with nothing to do is sublime after working long hours these past few weeks.

The soft color reminds me of sand and being at the seashore and, for some reason, Spring too. I guess I've been thinking a lot about Spring lately because I've purchased some flower seeds (from a haunted farm no less, The Little Ragamuffin) and I will be tossing these seeds about hoping some take hold this Spring.  I should probably make more of an effort to see that they survive, but you have to be hardy to survive up here and I'm not the coddling type.

I also feel the need to try something different and so I've begun the process of developing a bread starter using just the wild yeast and bacteria found in Topanga.  I'm following the technique explained in Tartine Bread (thank you Raina for the recommendation) and I'll report back on how this turns out.  Years ago I kept a sourdough starter from King Arthur Flour and I have missed the crusty rustic breads that a well developed starter makes.

I've noticed a few bloggers have been sharing the books that they are reading and I'll do the same.  I'm reading Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese.  I love a book that takes me to a place that I've never been and this story takes place in Ethiopia which is colorfully depicted with interesting characters.  If you haven't discovered Good Reads you will find it a great resource for finding books (it's the Rav equivalent for reading).  I also enjoy Hege's blog Cloudberry as her taste in books is similar to mine and she takes beautiful photos set in Norway.

Particulars:  Sublime Pattern Book 603, Exquisite Cardigan, 9 skeins Sublime baby cashmere merino silk dk (shade 0122); US 6 needles.  I heavily modified this pattern including changing it from dropped sleeves to inset as I wanted a more fitted sweater.  The yarn is wonderfully soft and a pleasure to wear.

The Misadventures of Simcha

I don't know what he's chewing on.  But I am getting a little worried about the UPS man.  His truck has been parked outside for several days now and there is no sign of him anywhere.

Until next time be well and love well.  Spring will be here sooner than you think and ~ in the meantime ~ enjoy the pleasure of loosing yourself in a good book!


Willow said...

What a lovely and perfect sweater for spring! I thought of you this afternoon as I chugged past San Clemente on Amtrak.

Simcha, Simcha, what have you been doing??

Teddy Rose said...

What a beautiful sweater! I love how you displayed it with sea shells. I haven't picked up my knitting for several months now. Unfortunately I am experiencing some hand and wrist pain.

Simcha looks to innocent to have eaten the UPS man besides, small children would be easier for him to eat. LOL!

subliminalrabbit said...

1. i almost downloaded that book to my kindle last night! but i got distracted by old timey classics.

2. that is a gorgeous sweater!

Allie said...

Oh Claudia it's gorgeous - there's nothing so timeless and classy as a beautiful cardigan! Love the color, it reminds me of the seashore too!

Simcha - do not eat delivery men. They bring us nice things!

Tracy said...

LOVE the sweater, Claudia! That color is so perfect for you! I really like the easy, elegant styling of this one. It looks like was an easy knit too. Sometimes comfort knits are the best. A challenge is great, but I have to say, for me, comfort often comes first! ;o) Thanks for all the great links. I saw able the starter on Raina's blog and am intrigued. I would like to make better bread. And thanks for sgood reading tips. At the moment I'm reading a biography on the composer Gustav Mahler--I love his works! Oh, no... sure hope Simcha hasn't done anything to the UPS man. eeeekkkk... Keep us posted. ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

t does wool said...

that sweater is nothing short of sublime,Claudia and the color,the fit,the entire look is absolutely stunning my friend~x

Monika said...

Haha-poor UPS man!
I love the detail on the back of the jacket! Looks also like a wonderful fitting garment.
There are definitely signs of Spring coming around here too.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I love your sweater! Perfect spring cardi.

I hope you are enjoying Cutting for Stone as it is sitting next to my bed right now as the next read on my list.

Some friends of mine have a sourdough starter that has been in their family for 3 generations and it was started in San Francisco where they are from (it is to die for) :) Good luck with yours.

Renee said...

What a lovely knit ~ reminds me of spring and Easter.
Thank you for the book recommendation, always looking for a new read.
I'm hooting with laughter about the UPS man and Simcha - could be the MisAdventures of Simcha is a book you could pen!

Channon said...

I had all these nearly-formed thoughts on that beautiful sweater, and then you flashed Simcha and his mystery chew. He's so handsome!

Off to read more about Cutting for Stone.

jillian said...

Gorgeous sweater! And so you.

I think I have that book on my GoodReads list. What's your ID on GR?

kathy b said...

Simcha, you crack me up. I need that UPS delivery though.....Im hoping that was the Maytag man...

Andrea said...

Wow, that looks like the kind of sweater that everyone needs in their wardrobe. It's gorgeous!

raining sheep said...

Claudia you look gorgeous. That peach color is so perfect with our skin tone. Keep that cardi away from the furball. I could see him wanting to sit on it!! Spring, okay I am chuckling at that one. It is -20 here today. The poor UPS man!

betty said...

That's a lovely sweater in a great spring color. (Actually, the color reminds me of some kind of tasty sorbet!)
I just bought some Sublime Organic Merino DK on sale at Stitches West. It's just going into the stash cabinet for now.

Knitting Out Loud said...

Yes, a perfect spring sweater. And lovely links. Organic heirloom seeds! Yes, they'll do fine, just keep them moist for a bit. And wild yeast bread. Keep us posted. My wild yeast was not tasty, but I might try it again. Have you read the novel "The Last Chinese Chef"?

Prairie Rose said...

Simply stunning sweater!
I love the color, it such a bright spring-y color.
Oh, My goodness!
He looks so innocent though laying in the yard.
He possibly couldnt know anything about the missing UPS man:)

Anonymous said...

The color of your sweater blots out any other color I might have had in mind. It is so yummy. Looks like orange sorbet. Perhaps I should try strawberry?


P.S. I think the UPS man would have given Simcha a stomach ache, even if he was a nice man.

gMarie said...

That sweater is stunning. I love the color, the changes, absolutely everything. You always look so elegant.

the Simcha photo made me spit coffee at the computer. Very funny! g

Rachel said...

It's a beautiful sweater and it looks just perfect on you Claudia...the color, the style, and the fit!

Thanks to you (and Raina--I missed that rec on her blog) for the bread book link...sounds intriguing and I hope your starter works. A sourdough starter is next to try on my list of bread challenges!

Just went to befriend you on Goodreads (love that site)...currently I'm reading Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver and am enjoying it.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Thank you all for your nice comments on my sweater ~ definitely a sorbet color! Ursula now I can't stop thinking that strawberry sorbet would make a delicious color for a sweater :)

I should have known that of all people my readers would be upset to think of anything amiss happening to the UPS man - LOL

Hilary said...

Sublime is right! What a lovely sweater. The color reminds me of the ocean and springtime, too, and looks divine to wear. I'm excited to hear more about your bread-making adventures...sounds really delicious.

And hahahaha, Simcha! Bad dog! No eating UPS employees!

Katherine said...

A perfect color for spring! I love the sweater, especially the interesting ribbing on the front.

Simcha, Simcha, Simcha!! That looks like a chin bone you are chewing. Tell Mom she needs to report the UPS man is missing in action.

Rebekah said...

lovely sweater! I'm determined to plant tomatoes this year. Or at least sunflowers.

simca is gorgeous as always. Its not simcha's fault, if the UPS man would occassionaly bring a box for him, then maybe he wouldn't have been eaten.

Quilting Mama said...

That is such a beautiful sweater. That soft color is perfect for spring and looks wonderful on. Enjoy the comfort at leisure.

Simcha needs to understand that the UPS man at times brings good things that could even be for him. He's not a chew toy..

knittingdragonflies said...

Love, love, love the sweater! And the color looks so good on you!
Poor Simcha, getting blamed for everything, *burp* LOL

Anita said...

The sweater is beautiful! And I'm so glad that you've got some down time finally!

BTW, did the UPS guy ever turn up? LOL