Thursday, October 25, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! This is my pumpkin being used to model the blogland favorite "Fetching" mitts ~ free pattern ~ Knitty. I used Noro, Cash Iroha (wool/silk blend), 1 skein, US4 needles and you would find it scary if I showed you how little yarn was left over. I really like the picot edging that you can see better in the pictures below. This is a great pattern and I'll probably make another pair, but next time I'll use more of a stretchy yarn with more yardage so I can make the cuff a little longer.

I love Halloween and when Steve and I lived in the Midwest (South Bend, Indiana) we took many long drives into the country side to visit the various farmer's stands and pumpkin patches. The pictures below are from one of my favorite pumpkin patches that we happened upon on one of those drives. If you ever travel to the Chicago area try and make time to visit the towns surrounding Lake Michigan on the Indiana/Michigan border up into Michigan. They are just delightful and have some of the nicest Bed & Breakfasts I've ever stayed in.

For some reason Mr Puffy is not too keen on Halloween. I've suggested that he might enjoy dressing up and going trick or treating but he's really not been happy about the idea at all. He said he'd much rather stay home eat snacks and watch a scary movie. I don't understand it as I loved trick or treating and miss the fun of dressing up and coming home with huge bags of candy. To each their own.

On a sad note, Southern California has been ravaged by ferocious wildfires that swept through communities this past week. You can't imagine how it feels to see a fire burning on the horizon and know that you are in it's path. We are blessed to have been spared but feel terrible for the suffering of those who were not so fortunate. The fire came within a mile of our home but the brave ground crews and air support pilots faced and overcame the tremendous flames to stop the fire from progressing into Las Flores Canyon and up into the Santa Monica mountains. Our heartfelt thanks to the LA fire fighters. Mr Puffy snapped a few pictures from Saddle Peak Road that have been included on a couple of blogs. It is a view of the fire from the mountain area looking down into Malibu. If you scroll down to October 21, 2007 (day 1) at 3:53 p.m. on this blog you will find them. They are also on Mr Puffy's "flickr" page.


Bridget said...

Your Fetchings turned out great (nice manicure and great ring also ...)!

Our cats don't really like Halloween either, which is too bad since one of them is the perfect Halloween cat.

I'm glad you are OK. I've been sending good thoughts your way.

amanda said...

How fun! I love Halloween and your pics make me want to venture out to a pumpkin patch. Love Fetching...they are on my list!

jillian said...

Beautiful Fetchings! I can inly imagine how luxurious in the Cash Iroha they are!

And holy crap - you lived in South Bend? I grew up in Elkhart and went to IUSB for 3 years! And another holy crap - one mile? So relieved you are safe. When I heard about the fire in Malibu, you were the first person I thought of.

A South Park Republican said...

Your Fetchings are beautiful. I love how Fetchings look ... until I wear my pair out and hear my husband's voice whispering in my head, "Did you steal those gloves from a homeless person? Are you begging for change?"